since 1968.........

Ed McKenney and Georg Everts founded GEM Equipment of Oregon, Inc. in 1968 and started building custom processing equipment for the vegetable industry. The success of the first fryer manufactured in 1985 lead to the expansion of fryer design and manufacturing by GEM. Today, GEM Equipment tailor designs, builds and installs the largest French Fry Fryers and Fryer Systems in the potato industry. GEM Blanchers, Fryers and Batter Applicators are internationally recognized for their safety, reliability, cost and efficiency.

There is no way that GEM Equipment could be as savvy about a given process as the customer. Their input is a critical factor to meet their equipment needs. GEM Equipment places a high value on long term customer relationships.

The operating philosophy at GEM Equipment is to produce equipment with the lowest ten-year total cost of ownership and ooperation.

GEM Equipment takes safety seriously.