The first French fry potato fryer designed and manufactured by GEM Equipment of Oregon, Inc. went into operation in 1985.  Since then, this company’s fryer business has evolved to furnishing complete frying systems that include pumps, heat exchangers, filtration equipment, piping, support structure and catwalks.  For some customers, installation is part of the package.  These systems feature a high oil recirculation rate, low system oil volume and uniform oil flow across the width of the fryer kettle.


  • GEM Fryers are designed.for low oil volume and clean operation for breaded and uncoated food products, which includes conventional French fries, battered French fries and formed product for both potatoes and sweet potatoes. 

    While fryers of all sizes are furnished by GEM Equipment, large high production systems are our specialty. Built to assure uniform and consistent frying at the highest capacity of product.

    Designs include single-stage and two-stage fryers, with multiple cooking zones.