GEM Equipment of Oregon, Inc. custom designs, builds and installs the largest French Fry Fryers and Fryer Systems in the potato industry. Our Fryers are internationally recognized for their safety, reliability, cost and efficiency, and for their distinct features and unrivaled performance.

GEM Equipment manufactures single and two-stage fryers with multiple cooking zones for French fries, formed potato products and batter-coated fries. Every one of these low volume fryers are custom designed to meet customer specifications and unique layout. The kettles are scientifically designed to eliminate dead spots, reduce fire hazards and increase oil shelf life.

GEM Fryer Systems include Chip-Chain Conveyors, Paper Filters Conveyors, Sweeco Filters, Lakos Filters, Pumps, Piping and Valves, Support Structures, Heat Exchangers with controls and Waste Conveyors. To minimize setup problems during installation, most of these fryer systems are assembled in the shop before shipment. Setup is also an aid in manufacturing Piping Systems. Oil Piping includes Circulation, Purge, Pump Down and Low Point, De-oiler and Oil Management.